TMX Compliance’s
Online Platform

Finally track employee and contractor licenses, certification and requirements all in one central location.



TMX Compliance is an online platform that seamlessly tracks and manages employee and contractor certifications, licenses, site trainings, drug tests, and other compliance items. The software is an add-on to your current HRIS, Payroll, or LMS systems. No more guessing if your employees or contractors are eligible to be working!

HR Manager

This platform has eliminated the burden of tracking down each employee’s documents. I can finally say goodbye to my manual tracking spreadsheet!

Safety Director

I can confidently manage the organization’s safety compliance across many facets of the business. The automated alerts help me proactively manage.

Site Manager

I use this system to ensure that the job site workforce is properly trained on specific site safety measures and that the team has all of their needed certifications and trainings to perform their duties.


My training certificates, licenses, and requirements are finally all in one place. I’m alerted in advance when an item is going to expire, and I’m able to address it before my manager asks about it.



Platform Access

Remove the burden of manually tracking and empower your employees and contractors to manage their own requirements.


Automatic Alerts

Receive automatic expiration alerts and reminders to ensure you stay updated.

Access from Any Device

Provide your team the ability to track, review, or update compliance items in real-time and from any device.


Customize Compliance Profiles

Setup customized compliance requirements by team, union, location, role, or individual.

Unlimited Types of Compliance

Track unlimited types of licenses and certifications in one central location.

Compliance Library

Assign items from our standardized library to create consistency across your organization.


Distribute Resources

Distribute videos, educational materials, policy changes, or any other resource with your organization or team.


Share Documents

Share your certificate, license, or any other compliance item with just a few clicks.

Contractor Oversight

Create shared groups to unlock the ability to review compliance status of all contractors or non-employees.

Ready to Make a Change?





Mitigate Risk

Lower your organization’s risk without having to increase administrative costs. Ensure you are always ready for your next audit, inspection, or incident.

Manage Groups

Seamlessly track your workforce compliance risks across multiple locations. It’s never been easier to bring real-time transparency across your organization

Empower Workforce

Automatic alerts remove the burden of manual tracking and enable your workforce to manage their own certifications and requirements.